Google Data & Protection Policies

Under the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act, the information that we collect is for the specific
purposes of the following:

  • Maintaining an up-to-date and secure database of financial information pertaining to the Beausoleil Family Benefit
  • Contacting membership if there are any discrepancies regarding you Beausoleil Family Benefit application
  • Verification against the Beausoleil First Nation membership list to determine eligibility

As required under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, we require your consent before we e-mail, text- message or contact you via
any electronic means. Furthermore, by signing below, you confirm that the information given in this application is true,
complete, and accurate and also authorize Beausoleil First Nation Trust Office and\or Communications Department, the express
consent to use your financial information for the purposes of processing the 2020 Beausoleil Family Benefit.

To learn more about Google’s data protection and privacy policies read more here…