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Ahneen G’Chimnissing,

Welcome to the new and improved www.niigaaning.ca website!  Our site has been revamped to be your one stop source for all things related to both Niigaaning G’Chimnissing Trust and Nookmis Revenue Fund.  Our site is available to Beausoleil First Nation Members only.  The intent is for the site to be both information and educational.

Check back frequently to view Trust and/or Revenue Fund updates, Community notices and/or contests.  We want to hear from you!  Let us know what you think of the site, its content and feel.  Comments can be left for any of the Trust Office Staff in the comments section of each new posts.

Our Trust Office staff consists of Owen Monague/Trust Comptroller, Joseph Stup/Communications Officer, Pauline Copegog/Bookkeeper, Tori Cress/Program Coordinator and Communications Support


Owen Monague

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News and Updates

The primary information on this site is the Niigaaning Trust Reports and Nookmis Revenue Reports that will be available for all Beausoleil First Nation members.

We will be working on the site on a regular basis to add more sections and updates from the Beausoleil First Nation Organization Departments and Chief and Council.

In the future you will find the following:

  • Current and Past Newsletters
  • Nookmis Committee Minutes
  • BFN Sponsored Events
  • Alerts and Notices
  • Forums and Webinars
  • Surveys that require membership feed-back

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